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Cancellation/Make up policies

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation of a lesson with less than 12 hours notice or "no call/no show" will result in the forfeiture of that lesson and no make up or refund will be granted for those that prepay. More than 2 consecutive no shows will result in the loss of that riders place in that lesson time. For those paying per lesson, payment is due PRIOR to mounting the horse and last minute cancellation will result in prepayment being required to hold that riders place in the lesson time. A "no call/no show" will result in loss of place in private or group time slot. We understand that emergencies happen but more than 3 occasions in a month (depending on lesson frequency) cannot be adjusted for last minute, We take great care in planning horse assignments ahead of time for the rider's benefit and we ask that we receive the same courtesy. If you must cancel last minute a doctors note will be required to receive a make up. For Trail/Pony rides, if you are going to be more than 15 mins late for your appointment time a reschedule will be offered IF YOU HAVE GIVEN US NOTICE THAT YOU WILL BE LATE. PLEASE BE EARLY to your appointment to allow for signing of waivers and helmet fitting and basic instruction to optimize your time on the trail. A "no call/no show" or unreasonably late arrival for these types of appointments will result in the forfeiture of your deposit and a reschedule will not be honored. Most of our rides are scheduled on the hour or every 30 mins and are done by volunteers we ask that you be timely and plan your arrival ahead of time.

Make up lessons

Make up lessons MUST be scheduled/made up as soon as you are aware (preferably BEFORE you miss them), missed lessons older than 30 days that are not scheduled are forfeit and a make up time will not be granted.

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