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The Riding School at

Brandywine Farms

Private Lessons

Currently we are on a waitlist!
Call/text Ariel at
804-339-7884 for a place.

All beginners and students under evaluation/transferring from other programs are required to start in private lessons. Private lessons are 30 mins with one-on-one instruction that begins with basic horsemanship, grooming, and tacking and then moving to basic riding principles and are $60 per lesson. Once riders are able to walk, trot, steer around and over obstacles they are eligible to move to a group.

Private Lessons for intermediate/advanced students specifically on Ariel's schedule are $85 for 45 mins

Group Lessons

Once riders have graduated from private lessons and are 100% self sufficient with retrieving their horses/pony, tacking, and grooming; they are able to move into group lessons of which we have multiple levels. Group lessons consist of 2 to 7 riders, students ride for one hour and the lesson cost remains $60. 

Recreational lessons

Recreational lessons are designed as a "one time" lesson for groups of 2 to 5 and require no experience. These are one hour and in this time we will teach basic horsemanship principles, tacking and untacking, and basics of riding while maintaining a walk. Recreational rides are subject to availability and are $80 per person for the hour. 

Please note all lessons are rain or shine! We have an indoor arena!

Lesson Packages:

1 lesson/week = $240 per month

2 lessons/week = $400 per month

3 lessons/week = $600 per month

REMINDER: for those paying per month , payment is due in the first 7 days, those that are late with payment will be held from lessons until payment is received.

Please note all services are scheduled by appointment only,

we cannot accommodate walk in/same day requests.


We accept payments in the form of cash/check or Venmo to @BWF-Ariel for any service.

A 50% deposit is required to hold any pony/trail ride and first lesson times.

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